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Impact V

State-wide Principal Ed.S. Cohort: Fall 2011 – Spring 2013
IMPACT V – 21st Century School and Classroom Leadership Initiative

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The Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations in the School of Education is collaborating with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to build capacity for school and classroom leadership in North Carolina middle and high schools with the highest need. IMPACT V: Building 21st Century School Leadership is a cohort-based leadership-building grant. For the purposes of this grant, 21st century school and classroom leadership will focus on a middle or high school in awarded LEAs using a four-pronged approach:

  1. Funding for school and classroom technology;
  2. High-quality professional development;
  3. School principals will receive an EdS degree from UNCG and classroom teachers will receive a Master’s of Instructional Technology degree. Core courses will be offered at four regional UNC-system universities, with the remainder of the coursework delivered by other UNC-system universities.

The initiative, IMPACT V – 21st Century School and Classroom Leadership, is funded through Enhancing Education Though Technology (EETT), Title II-Part D and NCLB funds from the State of North Carolina totaling $4.5 million. Dr. Carol Mullen and Dr. Ann W. Davis are co-principal investigators of component 1 of this initiative. Dr. Carl Lashley and Dr. Rick Reitzug are Cohort and Admissions Coordinators.

Three components make up the initiative:

Component 1: EdS Coursework – 33 semester hours – 11 courses

  • Intensive 21st century leadership curriculum and delivery will be co-developed by UNCG faculty, adjunct faculty who are scholar-practitioners, and DPI instructional technology consultants.
  • Coursework leads to North Carolina Superintendent (AS) and Advanced Principal (AP) licensure and 21st Century Leader licensure, currently being developed by DPI. Program participants’ capstone experience will feature an action research project that engages the school community in an authentic school improvement initiative designed to build teacher leadership capacity and improve student performance.
  • Course delivery will occur online with some face-to-face program component.
  • Technology integration into the EdS leadership curriculum will be a major feature of the EdS program.
  • Guidance and support for an action research project implemented by the school development team under the principal’s leadership.

Component 2: Coaching/Professional Development for Principals

Provided by School Leadership Services & On Track Press – Drs. Larry Coble and Ann W. Davis

Component 3:Professional Development for School Teams including the Principal

Provided by the Department of Public Instruction Technology Division

Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the twelve schools selected by the North Carolina State Board of Education to participate in IMPACT V

New Bern High School Pine Forest High School (AIT)
West Craven Middle School Hamlet Middle School
Toisnot Middle School Glenn High School
Archdale Trinity Middle School                                    Paisley IB Magnet School
East Alexander Middle School Charles D. Owen Middle School
Robert Patton High School Enka High School


Grant Phases

Phase I (2.8 million) of this Competitive Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant is intended to provide funding, technical assistance, and coaching to support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in developing district and school leaders and teachers who have the knowledge and skills to implement IMPACT: Guidelines for North Carolina Media and Technology Programs:

  • To fully support IMPACT‘s role in promoting high student achievement through the use of technology and media tools that support the overall curriculum
  • To facilitate a better understanding of 21st Century Instructional Leadership
  • To promote and enhance implementation of 21st Century Instructional Leadership

The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Provide training, technical support, and coaching to school leaders/teachers in order to develop knowledge and skills required to implement a modified IMPACT Model.
  • Provide funding for the development of school leaders/teachers who understand and promote the implementation of the IMPACT Model.
  • Provide technology tools to school leaders/teachers to enable these leaders to be models and mentors for their respective teaching staffs.
  • Provide a school culture that supports and encourages high-quality media and technology programs that support high student achievement.
  • Create models of systemic global change across school districts in support of media and technology programs.
  • Create a community of leaders both within individual LEAs and across the state who promote the use of technology and media to support classroom curricula.

Phase I funding must be used for attendance at NCDPI and NCDPI contractor training provided in the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years and for graduate-level coursework for school principals (Ed. S coursework, 33 hours at UNCG) and teachers (21st Century Classroom Facilitator coursework, 36 hours at other UNC approved sites)

Phase II ($1.7 million) funding will be released for school technology software, services, and hardware for the implementation of 21st century classrooms. Phase II funding is contingent upon an LEA and NCDPI Instructional Technology-approved school technology plan. A maximum of $110,000 per school for hardware, software, etc., based upon ADM.

Additional years of funding are contingent on the authorization of new federal legislation that provides funding for instructional technology.

For More Information

To request more information about the IMPACT V – 21st Century School and Classroom Leadership Initiative, contact:

Dr. Ann W. Davis
Co-Principal Investigator
UNCG School of Education
Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
School of Education Building, Room 338
1300 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro NC 27402-6170
Cell Phone: 336-516-2542
Fax: 336-334-4737

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