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Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration (PMC Online)

The Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration (PMC Online) is offered in partnership with the following school districts and is open to educators from these districts:

Davie County School District
Davidson County School District
Elkin City Schools
Lexington City Schools
Mount Airy City Schools
Stokes County School District
Surry County School District
Thomasville City Schools
Yadkin County School District

The program is intended for students who already hold a Master’s degree in Education or in a field that is closely affiliated with youth and adult development and who have at least 3 years teaching or other relevant professional educational experience. It is a 24 credit hour program that includes academic coursework and a year-long Internship. The PMC Online meets the requirements for North Carolina “Add-On” Licensure as a School Principal.

Admission Procedures
Candidates must submit a full and complete PMC Online application to the Graduate School.

Application and Admission requirements include:
1. Candidates must hold a Master’s degree in Education or a field closely affiliated with youth or adult development such as Social Work, Sociology, Counseling, Psychology, Library Science, or Technology Education, and must provide 2 official transcripts from all prior universities attended (Bachelors and Masters degree).
2. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in a Master’s degree program.
3. Candidates must evidence at least 3 years of teaching or other professional educational experience (not limited to public schools).
4. Candidates must submit the District Verification for Principal Licensure Candidates.
5. Candidates must submit 3 letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a school principal or education supervisor.
6. Candidates must submit a current resume that details all previous leadership and professional roles.
7. Candidates must submit a statement (approximately 1500 words in length) that responds to the following:
• Briefly detail your academic and career goals.
• Describe two previous experiences you have had leading adults. What worked well? What might you have done differently?
• Do you believe the leadership of a school makes all the difference? Why or why not?
8. Candidates may be requested to participate in an interview in which they will discuss how their interests and goals are aligned with the Department’s Statement of Commitments (see
Admissions decisions are made once per year in April and applications and other required application materials must be submitted by March 31st.

Academic Coursework
PMC Online students are required to complete 12 credit hours (4 graduate courses). Required Courses are:

ELC 660 School Principalship 3 Credit Hours
ELC 670 Leadership for Teaching/Learning 3 Credit Hours
ELC 684 Teacher Rights, Recruitment, Retention and Evaluation 3 Credit Hours
ELC 694 Political and Cultural Dimensions of Schooling 3 Credit Hours

Students must complete a one-year school administrator internship (Fall, Spring, & Summer semester) for 12 total credits. These internships must be conducted in a school under the supervision of a mentor and the university supervisor.

Students who are completing internships enroll in the ELC 690: Practicum in Educational Administration. Students should consult with their advisor to determine when in the program to begin the internship. All internships begin in the Fall semester. With Internship Coordinator and advisor approval, PMC Online students can begin the internship the first semester of enrollment in the program.

ELC 690 Practicum in School Leadership 3 or 6 Credit Hours

Students will complete the PMC Online in less than 14 months.

Important Stipulations:

1. PMC Online students may not transfer in credits from other Universities and/or programs.
2. Only 3 credits earned through the UNCG Visions Program can be applied to the PMC Online.
3. PMC Online students may have no more than 3 hours of credit with a grade of “C” or lower.

CAPstone Experience
Submission of the electronic portfolio created over the course of the program and submitted during ELC 690 constitutes the CAPstone experience. Explicit instructions for this portfolio and submission will be provided in ELC 690.

Questions about CAP requirements should be directed to your individual advisor or to Dr. Brian Clarida,

Graduation Procedures
Students must apply to the UNCG Graduate School for graduation prior to the end of the first weeks of the semester in which they intend to graduate. They must also submit an approved Plan of Study at that time or before. Students interested in state certification must successfully meet all PMC Online and state principal licensure portfolio requirements before applying for state school administration licensure.

Principal Licensure Certification
Once students have applied to graduate from UNCG with the PMC Online and attained proficiency on their principal licensure portfolio, they may begin the process of applying for North Carolina Principal Certification with the assistance of the UNCG Teachers Academy. The Licensure Coordinator will begin processing the licensure application after the student has graduated.

Information on tuition and fees is available at:

Information on Financial Aid is available at:

Applications for the PMC Online program should be submitted online at:

For further information please contact:

Dr. Brian Clarida
Coordinator, PMC Program
336-334-4737 (fax)
School of Education Building, Rm 362
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402

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